Sunday, May 18, 2014

I stick to my guns. But I'm sure you kids will call me the ridiculous one. Because I'm indifferent to one person dying out of a fucking billion to come!

Huh? What are you laughing at?
This is "Acid Rap". And they don't got a "Chance" at that...
I have plans to stack more lyrics on a piece of paper.
Pinnochio meets Carlo Collodi - come and meet your maker.
You look inside of my repertoire? it's a deepened crater...
But asking me f'real? I'm a say "it's something you'll sleep in later"
If you live through your memories, then that's a short stop...
The road's paved with gold from my stories - this is Fort Knox.
I'm off of the rack - no support locks.
Four blocks, from Edmonton, to Bramalea to Brampton to the Future
like Wayne & Drake, from date to date.
This is my demo, so play the tape.
You like it or not, my thoughts always lay awake.
I'm rinsing in the pools of the Monkey's; I am a Bathing Ape...
Fleeting over tracks in one direction, like a train escape.
You knocking the boots? I'm swift in mine...
around the clock, like the ticking time...
I think of lines synchronize it in quick design...
So think of the Napoleon of his time... a revolutionary
pivoting the hordes of music, causing a fusion near me.
1080p HD, this is face time.
Broaden the spectrum for the modern set, son...
Hold the SHIELD down, but not for protection.
Loki's and mischief. And this shit? Much more different, for instance
the talent and skills are like talons and gills.
Verses revel, in an altitude that can't be measured by surface level...
The momentum is picking up... writing words...
more subtler than Ricin, hitting vital nerves - Rapbattles Heisenberg


I'm a jerk. Kill a guy in a Hawaiian designer shirt...
Cold's shit. Both my fists in the pavement like, "Don't Resist"!
Focused, bitch. The Punisher's here to pummel you queers...
Dragging behind a car while you rummaging there, under the rear...

I hope it's come to you clear (puts on Frank Castle moniker): I made you kill your wife AND your son.
Damn, it's fun. It's funny, the more you feel like a God, the more you're deemed the Satanic one.
That branded gun's loaded, ready to fire at your petty desire
to be a higher MC with that drive, until you're inside of a Tree...
in flames, fucking fire debris flies and is seen
by a near by guy, and his 3... friends, with their iPhone cameras at all angles, in awe.
They can't unseen what they've saw. Dangling jaw.
Tangled, the raw.... metal hanging off the passenger, mangled abroad...
Yeah, that's right. I'm rapping about it now, for people to see.
The franchise lives on... even if he's deceased. The speaking has ceased.
Paul Walker's gone... and there's still Vin Diesel, heating the streets.
Then it all comes full circle... cause everyone keeps FEEDING THE BEAST!!!!!
I don't give a damn. People die every day.
Mothers cry as their fucking children lie there decayed, foot inside of the grave.
I'm desensitized because I am awake.
The lies that they make televised to our eyes a mistake.
The modern Garden Of Eden, seeing the rise of the Snake...
I key style any way. On some dead people shit, or if they're alive? I stick to my guns.
But I'm sure you kids will call me the ridiculous one.
Because I'm indifferent to one person dying out of a fucking billion to come!


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