Tuesday, May 27, 2014

it seems like... You can't dream in real life. Thoughts are sealed tight.

6 minutes, 3 minutes cause it's easy to me.
I be seizing the scene, each season is seen in the winter time - it's freezing to me!
But fuck it, I lived in Canada so long, I should be used to it.
But I'm not, I guess. The thought of the cold, makes me hot, man. It boils!
I'm just... jotting, plotting to foil the One Many Army that is myself..
A battalion... a million Trojan Horses filled with corpses still.
But the force is real. A horde of helmets rise
like the Persian army plotting an attack... That's my dropping when I rap.
It's like... a puritan... no fear in him. Swearing when..
he indulges his instincts... they won't be able to resist
the music niche. Entirely a subsidiary of my own regret.
I have dreams of being chased through a home, and yet..
I cannot see the person that's chasing me, it's a vacancy.
Like the reality of it is only something that space can see
I'm a trapped man. I know myself like the skin on my back hand.
And music makes me express myself best, that's why I am a rap fan...
I do this for fun. Every musical pun is a conquest the student begun...
The student "began", the student "begins"...sorry
trapped in a barrel closed in the Pharaoh's odes...
Feel like the heroes goals are only met with tyranny here, that's how they appear to me.
The further I look? The further the mirror can see me veering
it seems like... You can't dream in real life. Thoughts are sealed tight.
This is the venture. The written adventure, exploring a dream
from a vantage point that a contractor knows, the soul's deploying the beam...
And as my physical scope builds because I feed the energy to it...
My mental mind begins to ease and envelop its fluid
rendering of this commending influence... the Renaissance Man...
I don't pretend it, I do it.
You look at the blueprint; I execute the diagram adhering to that...
Close barriers, peering in black.
Darkness. Scaffolds swinging where these black holes linger in...
What's a thing to me? isn't a thing to him.
Monkey Bars, Guerrilla warfare, I capture the gritty essence
like John Singleton...
Yeah, channel the presence of the tangible essence...
Auto Pilot initialized... and this is the official prize...
The kryptonite crystallized...

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