Monday, May 19, 2014

like Andy Dufresne... crawled out through a sewer pipe to stand in the rain... full of a shit... the fucking man's insane...

And once I go? I can't stop it. It's like a damn Mosh pit.
Fans stomping around your man like it's damn Compton.
Yeah... fucking psycho fellows just writing our guts out.
Type to take out a knife, drape you up like, "we're raping your wife"
And we'll say it polite... in a calming manner: "Bro, you're way too uptight".
Or obtuse... like Andy Dufresne... crawled out through a sewer pipe
to stand in the rain... full of a shit... the fucking man's insane...
I would never do that... this is Canada, mane.
Got mitts on my hands for all day, and my family's crammed in a Sleigh.
So yeah, I'm OK. It's a like a Prison, with no plans to escape!
WOOOT... I love this life, the fucking fresh air.
We'll have one hot day... in July, starting next year.
If we ever had two? I'd probably get scared.
And simulate an Alaska Landscape, so it was less weird.
I mean, why not right? the colder the better.
holding a sweater, bearing the cold of the weather; it's what holds us together.
While we're in our igloos, maple tap on command
The word "Eh" is tattooed to the back of my hand.
Which is right next to the one of our National Flag
I'm happy to be in this country, even if it seems they don't want me
I just... I dunno, hang around and talk Hockey
while I fish with my lads and drink Tim Horton's hot coffee.
You cannot stop me!
Ha ha... just kicking this shit.
Even if it sounds ridiculous with this stiff upper lip
affixed to the muscle underneath, constricted it... this...
Is only me, telling a story.
The hell with the glory, I'd rather be compelling than boring
with a Pulitzer Prize... full of just lies.
I'm a pupil, but look in my eyes.
Get it? You were took by surprise.
Hookers, get wise! my pimp hand's strong.
Walk with a limp, and it's on.
Face covered like the gimp. But big as the Amazon.
Don't get whipped in front of all of these people....
like ______ did, and fall on the cathedral.
I'm not ____ -less, but for all of my evil?
I've been drawing the feeble off of the steeple, toppled.
You equals not to be seen through any obstacles...
dropping, so we go off of the top, they're fetal.
But who is? Judas. Quite contrite with being the truest?
Because the see the influence that's been impeding my music?
I'm sorry, but I'm not the guy you're looking for.
This is my life, and you took a tour. So get off of the bus!
Playing possum with us (smh!) turn rocks into dust...
When I stomp on em' stuffs. It's awesome, I crush motherfucking blocks, it's a rush!

Like Animal and Hawk on the bucks (turnbuckles)
My words couple, marital status... locked into cuffs...
It's an officers bust!

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